Before planning a project, it is absolutely important to get the accurate shape of project area. Because the project land shape may not always be exact rectangular or any other regular shape. In this case manual hand survey can not produce accurate measurement. Because tapes and chains have lots of limitations and errors. That’s why the digital survey comes in handy. What makes the digital land survey so accurate ? It’s the EDM which stands for Electronic Distance measurement. We have EDM devices like Total Station, Level, Theodolite etc to handle any kind of MEGA projects very precisely. It’s a technology that uses computerized methods to measure the angle, distance and height. This can’t be achieved by conventional tape measurements.


Digital Topographic Survey

Contour Survey

Township Survey

Layout/Settingout Survey

Pipeline/Gasline Survey

Road and Highway Survey

Railway Survey

Airport Base Survey

Dam Survey(Pre & Post Work)

River and Irrigation Canal Survey(Pre & Post Work)

Bridge Survey

Hill Survey

Transmission Line Survey

As Build Survey of Existing Structure

Earth Cutting & Filling Calculation

Drawing Digitization

Map Pantographic

RTK GPS Survey

DGPS Survey


Level Machine (3 Set )

GPS (5 Set )

DGPS (1 Set )

RTK GPS (1 Set )

Hydrographic Instrument (1 Set )

GPS (5 Set )

Level Machine (20 Nos)

Mini PrismaticS (5 Nos)

Accuracy Stand (5 Nos)

DHLR Camera (1 Nos)

Walkie-Talkie(10 Nos)

Security Dress (30 Net )

Vehicle (2 Nos)

Laptop (10 Nos)

Notebook (2 Nos)

HP Plotter(1 Nos )

Scanner(3 Nos)

Photocopier (3 Nos)

A3 Printer (2 Nos )

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