SHELLMARK ENGINEERS & ARCHITECTS was established in 2012 as a consulting firm. Now it has established an independent Consulting Division with a group of renowned Architects, Planners, Structural Engineers, Foundation Engineers, Environmentalists and other multi-disciplinary professionals. SHELLMARK is committed to help solving problems, enhancing productivity and improving customer satisfaction through cost-effective application of skills. While planning and execution of its activities, the Consultancy Division has taken into account the limited resources, development needs and other problems facing the country. It has a successful track record in timely delivery and providing excellent quality in Architectural & Structural Design, Structural Retrofitting Design, Seismic Analysis & Design, Performance based structural Design, Interior & Exterior Design, Plumbing and Internal Civil Engineering Services Design, Construction Management and Cost Consulting, Tender Documentation, Procurement Administration Contractual Dispute Support and Advice, Integrated Development Planning, Land Digital Survey, Structural Safety Assessment, Quality Assurance, Safety Demonstration &.Soil Testing.

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