The most important and essentially part of any structure is soil test. Building will rest on it throughout it’s whole life. The structural designer can not design the foundation without the soil bearing capacities and other properties. It’s not possible to select the suitable type of foundation without soil testing. So get the soil test to know whether building needs a shallow foundation or a deep foundation. Bangladesh is in an earthquake prone area. A proper soil investigation from a reputed company will lead you to the safer future.


Standard Penetration Test

Natural Moisture Content Test

Specific Gravity Test

Density Test

Liquid Limit Test

Direct Shear Test

Grain Size Analysis

Hydrometer Analysis

Conceptual Plan

Consolidation Test

Unconfined Compression Test

Tri-axial Shear Test

Field Compaction Test

California Bearing Ration(CBR) Test

Proctor and Modified Proctor(Compaction) Test

Swelling Pressure Test

Water Table Measuring by Piezometer Test


Drilling Rig up to 150 Feet Capacity (5 Set)

Mud Pump (10 Nos )

Slurry Pump (5 Nos)

Marine Pontoon (1 Nos )

Casing Pipe 100m (Various Dia)

Drill Pipe 1000m (Various Dia)

Soil Sampler(Disturbed) (100 Nos )

Soil Sampler(10 Nos)

Piston 2 Nos (Various Dia)

Injector 2 Nos (Various Dia)

Auto Trip Hammer for SPT Counting (5 Nos )

Vane Shear Test Apparatus (1 Set )


Microwave Oven (2 Nos)

Moisture Teller (6 Nos)

Direct Shear Test Machine(2 Nos )

Unconfined Compression Test machine(2 Nos)

Triaxial Test Apparatus (1 Nos)

Balance (6 Nos )

Field Compact Test (1 Nos)

Salinity Test Apparatus (3 Nos)

Atterberg Limit Device (2 Nos )

Hydrometer(5 Nos)

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